The Coalition for Safer Home Birth

In response to the increased death rates at home birth and the lack of regulation and accountability of home birth midwives, an citizen-led organization called the Coalition for Safer Home Birth has formed. The Coalition is made up of home birth families, doctors, midwives, and advocates who wish to make home birth safer in America.

To draw our lawmakers' attention to the laws that would most improve the safety of home birth in the United States, the Coalition for Home Birth has started a petition on

The petition endorses the following regulations for midwives:

1. Require a License
2. AMCB Certification
3. Malpractice Insurance
4. Low-risk Scope of Practice
5. Report Outcomes to the Public
6. Integrated System of Care

You can sign it here: Protect Mothers & Babies - Make Home Birth Safer

We need to improve our home birth system! Please read and sign the petition, and use it as a guide for pushing for a better system in your state.